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Using Your Blueprint to Refine Your Career, with Josh Taylor

So you've identified your Blueprint, found your dream career, and life is good. You're done, right?

I'm sorry to burst your bubble, however, the work doesn't actually stop there. The thing about our Blueprint is that while it doesn't really change, the circumstances around us DO. So things might be perfect for you right now, however that can change, and that can be a MAJOR battery drain.

Here's an example: Let's say you're a newly minted entrepreneur, and you LOVE what you do. It fulfills your purpose and your feel like you're making a real impact in the world. But over time, things pile up that you don't like as much—administrative tasks, maybe, or projects you'd rather say no to, but they pay the bills. These little compromises can quickly turn into a mountain that just overwhelms you, and because it's not in your Blueprint it's even more difficult to manage.

This is why it's ESSENTIAL that you continue to use your Blueprint as a way to check in with yourself, reorient your business, and stay in your zone of genius. Your Blueprint won't change, but you WILL learn to apply it in new ways or interpret it differently. And there's real power in that process.

In honor of this topic, I am talking with Josh Taylor, who has continually found ways to love what he is doing and apply his Blueprint in new and interesting ways. That way he doesn't stagnate or lose interest, he just finds joy in what he does.


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