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The Science of Your Blueprint, with Michael Barnhart

Is there a science to knowing yourself?

If you ask Michael, there are some compelling parallels between Blueprint discovery and genetics. Metaphorically, understanding the components of who you are based on intangible concepts such as values and passions is strikingly similar to understanding who you are on a molecular level.

And just as you have chromosomes that give you your hair and eye color, you have Blueprint elements that contribute to your overarching Purpose and Cause. By the time you graduate from the Blueprint Process (and maybe move into the Graduate program), you have a chart that compiles every data point that makes up your Blueprint. It's this chart that helps us identify the overarching themes present in your life.

Your Blueprint is a part of you before we ever begin our work together. The benefit of the Blueprint process is that together, we get to examine your life under a microscope so that we can identify and catalog all the pieces that make you, you. Then, together, we can use that data to laser-focus your message and find work that is fulfilling to YOU and your unique Blueprint.

For more on this fascinating understanding of the Blueprint Process, I urge you to check out my conversation with Michael below.

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