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The Importance of True Passion

What is passion?

The dictionary would say, "An intense desire or enthusiasm for something."

The key word here is "intense." Because, let's face it, we can all be enthusiastic about a variety of ideas or things. However, not everything you're interested is likely to be a passion. As I share in the video below, I spent most of my life wanting to take singing lessons. I didn't get the opportunity to do so until I was an adult, and in truth, it only lasted for a year.

What I came to realize was that while I enjoyed the act of singing, and even the end result, I wasn't INTENSELY enthusiastic about everything else. It didn't light a fire in me.

Does that mean I stopped singing altogether? Of course not. However, I've recognized that perhaps that's not the best place to put all my effort and resources into.

While it can be scary to think we have to give up things that are interests but not passions, it can actually be liberating. Because the truth is that when you're truly, intensely passionate about something, you want to practice. You make time for it. Everything else tends to fall away, and that's okay. Over time, you learn to incorporate your interests into your life alongside your passions. But recognizing your passions guides your path.

During the Blueprint Process, we work to identify your biggest interests on a broad scale, so that we can narrow them down and really pinpoint your TRUE passions. This work is empowering and exhilarating.

For more thoughts on this, check out my video below.


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