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The Benefit of a Vision, with Kim Butler

"Goal setting" is the name of the game when you're an entrepreneur of any sort... or is it? Now, goals have their right time and place, that's true. However, I'm of the mindset that it's far more impactful to create a Vision first.

A Vision is that almost imperceptible, hazy idea of what you want your life or your business to look like way out in the future. You may not even have a specific "name" for what that Vision is. Yet, it's there all the same. And as you move toward it, it becomes clearer and clearer to you.

Goals, typically, revolve around short-term progress. And they can be helpful, just as they can be limiting. Specifically, goals can be limiting in scope. Often, we set goals that are too rigid, and we forget that it's okay to be flexible. Starting with your Vision can help you let go of some timeframe-related stress, and learn to be more flexible as you work out how your Vision will take shape.

THEN, your goals can actually work FOR you (instead of feeling like they're working against you). I mean, honestly, have you ever set a goal that just adds unnecessary stress and complication to your life? We've all been there. But if you know your general trajectory, and understand there will be some surprises along the way as you figure things out, you become adjustable. Then, your goals are no longer a ruler with which you beat yourself (so to speak). They become a tool of progress rather than a mechanism of stress and guilt.

Wouldn't that feel amazing?

If you want to know more about "Visioneering," as I call it, I encourage you to watch this video. In it, I talk with my sister, Kim Butler, who is also an incredible entrepreneur and coach. And she successfully implements Visioneering in her business every day.


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