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Solving for Insecurity by Finding Direction, with Katie Jackson

At some point or another, most of us will deal with something that shakes our sense of self to the core. There's no specific time frame or experience that acts as this common catalyst... Life just tends to throw things at us that make us stop and realize, "Maybe I'm not the person I've told myself I am, or the person the world has told me I am."

And whether this news is inspiring, or whether it's rattling, I think that this type of experience is integral to getting in touch with our true selves. Our Blueprint, if you will.

Because when these "life-changing" challenges fall before us, it's often a time of personal revelations. Sometimes, we learn that what used to work for us is no longer true. Sometimes, we realize that we've been projecting a false version of ourselves to the world.

And this series of revelations, while difficult, is GOOD. Because the sooner we can lean into the people we are meant to be, the sooner we can create energy, abundance, and satisfaction.

This week, I'm talking with Katie Jackson, a current member of this "Purpose Pursuer" community. She went through one of these experiences a few years ago, and found that while she didn't THINK she was pursuing her purpose, beginning that process has helped her re-center her sense of self.

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