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See How Far You Can Go!

If the desire and longing to do something is there, I guarantee that it's represented in your Blueprint. And I'm even willing to go out on a branch and say that the tools you have to accomplish that feat are within you.

Have you ever done something that you enjoy doing, only to share it with someone else and IMMEDIATELY have a sense for how you could have improved it? That is all the evidence you need that the tools are within you!

When you know exactly what you would do differently and how you could approach something for even better results, you're on the right track.

The trick is not to get stuck by thinking: "But I wasn't perfect this time."

That's the imposter talking! You need to let that voice go, and lean into the voice that knows how you can push yourself further. Only then can you truly see how far you can go. And I bet you'll do amazing things!


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