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Rethink Goal-Setting

This post is from Blueprint Practitioner, Ray Ward.

At the start of a new year, goal-setting is an extremely common and popular thing to do. After all, it's a "fresh start." What better way to celebrate that than by setting some goals? The unfortunate thing about goals is that we often set them based on specific time frames. We choose to accomplish something in 3 months, 6 months, etc.

And while this can be effective for some people, it's not for many. Those deadlines become weapons with which we beat ourselves down when we don't accomplish the goal on time. In the long run, it's difficult to accomplish goals when you have the threat of shame or guilt hanging over your head.

So why do so many of us still set goals this way?

What if, instead, you got to know yourself better? And through that self-knowledge, you could work toward your vision in a way that compliments your nature and your gifts? Then, you could create a list of three things you want to focus on, without giving yourself deadlines that hurt instead of help.


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