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Freedom to Evolve, with Gary Pinkerton

When you're put in a box or backed into a corner, it can feel impossible to grow or evolve. It's likely that you are going to feel constricted, or even fearful that you aren't allowed to change.

The Blueprint Process helps you establish a baseline of who you are and where your strengths lie, so that you have a firm foundation to grow. Establishing this baseline is the equivalent of breaking free from the box...

What happens next is that you're allowed the space to evolve however you see fit. You know who you are, so you can NURTURE who you are, and allow it to surprise you. When you are free—when you have freedom—you are able to focus on yourself and your growth in ways that aren't accessible when you're in survival mode.

Joining me today is Gary Pinkerton, who is a beautiful example of freedom and free-thinking, and he has wonderful insights on the "refining" process himself.


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