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Navigating Seasons

This post is from Blueprint Practitioner, Jennie Steed.

Hello darkness my old friend, I’ve come to talk with you again, and again, and again...

…And the vision that I keep seeing is just how rapidly life comes and goes, how the seasons unfold and unfold with no fucks to give. They just continue their cycle without interruption and in complete harmony with what exists at that moment in time. How miraculous! The constant and never-ending life and death cycles, in ever so similar, yet completely unique fashion. Yet another miracle.

As the past few months have ever so blatantly shown me, the life and death cycle just happens, whether you like it or not. And maybe, just maybe, each time we move back into life, we get yet another opportunity to shine our light, rest and renew, and shine again, continuing to honor the seasons as they come and go. Resting assured that when it’s time for our winter, others will be shining their light brightly, if only as an ever-so-gentle reminder of the beauty that exists, and that we will return to it again. It has not left, it's just deciding on what will bloom next.

It's a refreshing lesson that winter seasons, although so dark and dreary at times, are what allow new life to sprout up again. Hmmm, how about that? What in the wide world will sprout up for me to witness the magnificence of, and share its beauty? I patiently await its arrival. What has all of this been for?

I have recently had the unique experience of watching 3 generations of my immediate family pass on to the next life. My brother to start, then my grandpa, and then my dad. In an 8-week period of time, they all moved on to their next journey. The beginning, the end, and then the middle.

I have had the opportunity to witness young life fade far too soon, and those feelings of tragedy… to seeing just how long life can be, the fullness of it, and feelings of joy and gratitude... then finally feelings of utter confusion, sadness, and things I have no words for. I've revisited old wounds for any remnants that may remain; so many feelings at once, all the time. It's a LOT!

I find myself wondering, what experience will they choose next? What will I choose next? What do you choose next? What season are you in? What do you choose today? The constant question of life is exhilarating, isn’t it?

Each day I am learning to find renewal in darkness and for my never-ending twisted dark humor, I find the following poem such a refreshing reminder to give no fucks!


Many people feel the sadness and frustration in their life because they give too many fucks about things that don’t bring joy or benefit their life.

Give no fucks!

Of course it is not easy to suddenly overnight stop giving a fuck, especially after you spent your whole life giving unnecessary fucks.

Like with any bad habit, it takes time to break,

for instance,

if you start today, give one less fuck than you did yesterday,

tomorrow again one less fuck,

the next day, maybe two less fucks,

and the next day, maybe three less fucks, and after a few weeks,

you might find that you are giving far fewer fucks than you did before.

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