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Managing Your Basketball Team

One of my go-to analogies to explain how your Blueprint works, is to compare it to a Basketball Team. In this scenario, you are the coach, and the elements of your Blueprint are your basketball players.

Almost certainly, you have a go-to lineup of players that you use in your day-to-day life. You tend to employ these qualities most frequently to solve problems and express yourself. However, like any team, there's a whole bench full of other players waiting for their time to shine.

Sometimes, your starting lineup can get fatigued. You may have a certain quality on the court for so long that it no longer has the desired result. Or, that "player" could start getting fouls and making the wrong moves.

For many people, this type of pressure can lead to stress, burnout, and other undesirable byproducts. But the players are not the problem. There are no bad players on your team, not even the ones on the bench. There are simply players with certain strengths, and the trick is to find the right players for the right circumstances, to get the best possible results.

If you have a poorly performing player, they just need to take a seat while another one gets its time to shine. The hard part, for many people, is acknowledging that they have a whole bench of other amazing players ready to go. Likely because those players haven't had a chance to prove themselves on the court.

Remember that you're the coach, which means that YOU call the shots. If one of your "players" is feeling some fatigue, it's okay to let another player take the court for a while. And if you're feeling really inspired, try experimenting with sending out different players for different tasks once in a while. You might just find some new "stars."



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