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Looking for Clarity? Find Your "Map"

When you're feeling stuck, it may seem like there's nowhere to go. There's no obvious trail, or your circumstances feel inescapable. And the thing is, so long as you measure your circumstances by other people's metrics or maps, it's going to keep feeling that way.

The only map that can lead you out of an unfavorable situation is your internal map. Your personal guidelines. Because let's face it, someone else's map is only going to lead you to that person's ideal.

So how do you FIND your map if you're feeling stuck? The answer is by doing your Blueprint work. Researching and refining what is meaningful to YOU is the only form of map creation that will get you where you want to go.

Don't live your life according to someone else's standards or plans. Otherwise, you won't outrun that "stuck" feeling. Learn to rely and depend on your own guidance to find where you want to be! When you do this deep internal work, everything starts to become clear.

For more thoughts on "map-making," watch the video below.


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