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Letting Go of a Less-Than-Ideal Client, with Beth Stern

By now, you probably have an idea of how to find YOUR people. There's a checklist your probably run through in your mind:

  • Do they energize me?

  • Is our relationship synergistic?

  • Is it a win-win relationship?

  • Do they give as much as they take?

  • Does my message resonate with them? (And vice versa?)

This is a GREAT way to find your people... but how do you know when you're with someone who is not your person? It could be a client, or it could even be a friend or acquaintance. And every so often, you'll meet someone who feels like they check the boxes, but over time something feels off.

That's a good indicator that you aren't working with an ideal person. So how do you identify these people more quickly? How do you let them go, and make a clean break? Furthermore... WHY should you let them go at all?

Today, I'm talking with Beth Stern, who shares her own experience with a person who was less than ideal... and letting them go.

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