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Inherent Skills and Your Blueprint

The third component of your Blueprint is your inherent skills.

What are you naturally skilled at? I'm talking skills you've displayed since childhood. Your skills could be more tangible, like good writing or speaking skills, or they could be subtle, like being a fast learner or a good listener.

You'll know your true skills not only by the ease with which you can use them, but by the energy they bring you. Does fixing a car or giving a speech make you feel like you can do anything? Then you know that this is a genuine part of your Blueprint.

I say this, because often we have what some would call "trained" skills. Maybe you've practiced piano your entire life and are extremely skilled... yet you had to work overtime to do so, and not in a way that energized you. If that's the case, it's probably not a part of your Blueprint. If, however, you spent hours practicing piano because you enjoyed it and felt like you could play for hours on end, it's likely a big part of your Blueprint.

The defining characteristic is how you feel about the skills you have. Can you work within your unique skill-set and get a burst of energy? Or do you wind up dragging your feet? This is the quickest way to know whether you're dealing with inherent skills, or trained skills—both have their place, however only your inherent skills are true Blueprint material!

Check out my Vlog for more info on skills.

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