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How to Resist Conformity, with Nicole Tate

We live in a world where conformity is EXPECTED.

In school, we're taught to dress and act and think a certain way. In the workforce, we're taught that there's a "right" and "wrong" way to be. We're even taught that there's a certain WAY to be productive.

I'm here to say ENOUGH. If we're all unique, which we are, then our methods and skills are all going to be different. As they should be! A room full of carbon copies doesn't make for innovation, after all.

No, the world requires our unique lights! Productivity, style, "best practices," and even our ideal people are going to be different. And they should be. We should embrace when people know themselves well enough to advocate for their own space and methodology.

And that means resisting conformity and being yourself. Living your Blueprint fearlessly, with the knowledge that not everyone will get it. And not everyone should.

Today, I talk with Nicole Tate, who found herself in a situation where the work style went against her Blueprint.


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