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How to Push Through Limitations, with Kim Butler

Do you feel like you have limited opportunities?

When you're a business owner, you tend to experience some ebb and flow. And during those "ebb" periods, you may feel like you have limited opportunities.

If you feel this way, you are not alone.

Entrepreneurs of all shapes and sizes go through these feelings of limited opportunity at some point. You can call them growing pains, yet I challenge you to see these feelings as an opportunity ALSO. Instead of sinking into the uncomfortable feeling, I want to challenge you to move past it. In a literal, physical way as well as figuratively, with your mindset.

If you feel like the uncertainty is settling in, get up and move around and outmaneuver those feelings. Then, do whatever you need to do to get your mindset right. This doesn't mean you ignore your problems, this is actually about being proactive and innovative. Ask yourself, are there opportunities you're NOT using? Chances are, you've probably got a dozen under-the-radar opportunities you haven't even realized yet.

My sister, Kim Butler, has a 30-year business that's very successful. And recently, she started to feel this feeling of limitation. Instead of accepting it, she worked hard to see her business in a new light. One opportunity that came to her was to go through her client list and find ways to reconnect with them in a give-first way.

Just know that opportunity is all around you if you look. Then, pivot! For more thoughts on how to break free from limiting beliefs, watch my full conversation with Kim Butler.


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