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How to Make Uncomfortable Transitions

Leaving behind what you know is incredibly difficult. And yet, it's incredibly necessary for you to be your most authentic self.

Here's the uncomfortable truth: no single person can be all things to all people. And at some point, you are going to have to choose your path. In order to reach your full Blueprint potential, though, that means leaving behind things that are comfortable for you. Tasks, jobs, people, and so many other aspects of your life that you're used to may eventually become too small for what you're meant to do.

Yet take comfort in the fact that there are bigger things out there for you. The work that you can do when you operate within your Blueprint is the highest, most satisfying work you can do. And once you break through the discomfort of the unknown, you're going to feel peace, joy, energy, and excitement. Let that be what keeps you moving forward!

You can hear more about how to push past this discomfort in my video below.


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