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How to Make a Huge Life Transition, with Rob Simonds

Any transition period can be daunting, uncomfortable, or even downright scary. But sometimes, you know in your heart that it's time for a change. Perhaps you feel disillusioned with your current career, or your energy is always drained, or you just aren't excited to go about business as usual.

When this happens, it almost always means that change is on the horizon—but many of us are too afraid to heed that call, and instead double-down on an unfulfilling life because it's comfortable.

And that is EXACTLY why you shouldn't double down. Just because something feels familiar doesn't mean it's right for you. But you have to put in the work to self-reflect and study, so that you can decide your next steps... even if they feel unfamiliar.

Because on the other side of that unknown is increased confidence, excitement, joy, and fulfillment.

I'm excited to share with you my latest video, with a guest, Rob Simonds. Rob spent his entire professional career as a musician when he decided that something no longer clicked. So he started a journey to understanding WHY.

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