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How to Energize and Avoid the "Crash"

For the first time in my new vlog series, I'm welcoming a guest to talk about something that is so important for entrepreneurs at any stage in their journey. And that is energy: both the way we get energy and the way we use it in a way that is sustainable.

Working in your Blueprint means working in a way that energizes you. These are the tasks and methods that are fun, exciting, easy, and logical for you. These are also the tasks that you should gravitate to, because they can keep your battery charged.

Redlining, on the other hand, is a term that has been introduced to me by our guest, Josh. It refers to driving when you're above the max RPM. That means maximum effort, or even beyond the effort we think is possible, which leads to burnout and trouble. When you're redlining, you're working too hard for something with very little payoff. Not only that, it can be detrimental. This happens for a few reasons. Primarily, when you're doing things that don't give you energy, don't excite you, and don't come naturally to you. Yet you have to do them.

Learning to manage your energy by doing things that energize you is one way to prevent the burnout. I hope you'll watch the interview below, and glean some insights about how to boost productivity in the best way for you.


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