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How to Bounce Back from Failure, with Tom Young

When people talk about the importance of finding Purpose, I think it's all too easy to forget that it's NOT always sunshine and roses.

Pursuing your Purpose is HARD, because so often it's contrary to what the world may expect of you. Not only that, but it often means forging a fresh path, rather than taking an existing one. It requires a lot of time studying yourself and learning what you want, often times while doing things you don't want to do.

Yet the result is a life of fulfillment and joy, and showing the world your light--and therefore helping others to shine THEIR lights.

Tom Young, a self-described 71-year-old kid, has been through just about everything you could imagine in pursuit of his Purpose. Because of that, he has an incredible perspective on how to learn and grow from failure, and how to embrace change.

Hear our conversation below!


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