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How to Begin Again, with Janet Sims

New beginnings, a second season, change of pace—call it what you will, starting over can be hard. Whether voluntarily or not, when you face a new and unknown world ahead of you, it's difficult to know how to move forward.

That's why I want to amplify Janet's story today—because after a 30-year career, Janet felt the pull to do something new.

Her biggest ah-ha moment? That the way she had done things in the past would no longer work for her future. In order to build a roadmap for her new future, she had to look deeply at who she was as her own person, and how to keep her battery charged.

If you're on this journey yourself, I encourage you to let go of the past and let go of the world. What you have done had no bearing on what you can or will do, and what people expect of you is not what you must do. The biggest impact you can possibly make comes from self knowledge. So I encourage you to ponder:

  • What gives you energy?

  • What could you talk about for hours?

  • What processes and systems work for you? And which ones don't?

  • What activities make you lose track of time? Which ones have you watching the clock?

These questions are a start on your journey to "what is next." Because you're going to be of the most service and the most impact when you're living up to your own standards.

Check out my conversation with Janet to hear all of her wonderful insights.


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