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Finding Unconditional Love

We all CRAVE unconditional love. It's an amazing feeling when you find it because it gives you the room to be your fullest self—all the "weird" and wonderful parts included. Unconditional love is the acceptance of your unique Blueprint, which is why we all crave it.

Yet what happens is that we expect everyone we enter into a relationship with to express this unconditional love. Of course we do, it's only natural to want that! Yet not every relationship—be it platonic, work-based, romantic, or otherwise—can fulfill that all the time.

It's NOT because there's something wrong with you. Not in the slightest. Yet that's what we tell ourselves when we face conditional relationships. If we're all unique, then we're all different, and there are going to be people who are not in your fan club. In fact, you can probably name some people that you're not the biggest fan of. It doesn't mean there's a right or wrong, it simply means you're leaning on that desire for unconditional love in the wrong places.

Our purest example of this unconditional love is our relationship with God, or the Divine. God has created us to be a singular expression of His infinite image. How could God not love you unconditionally? Leaning on that first can be a great comfort. Second to that, recognize the people in your circle who DO get you, and love you unconditionally.

For more thoughts on unconditional love, check out the video below!



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