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Expand Your Sense of Self

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

"Whatever it is your duty to do you, you can do without harm to yourself." —Mary Baker Eddy, Science and Health

How do you create a perfect balance between self-care and care for others?

I would argue that you must expand your sense of self. For people who love to give, self-care seems selfish. Prioritizing yourself can make it seem like you're letting down clients, friends, family, and other important people in your life. But what if some "self-care" is exactly what you need in order to give the most that you can?

Remember, you can't help someone put on their own oxygen mask without first putting your own on.

The secret is that self-care doesn't look the way we're taught. It's not about crawling into your turtle shell, or pampering yourself, or relaxing. True self-care is about scraping away the muck that's bogging you down. Get rid of fear, self-doubt, low-energy tasks, and so on. Eventually, what you're left with is confidence and the ability to exist in a state of genuine giving.

That's why I think it's critical to expand our personal senses of self.

You were designed to do amazing things, and you were designed to do so without detriment to yourself or your well-being. The best exercise I've thought of is to think of yourself like a skylight in a house. Through you, God's light shines and allows you to reach all the right people. If the skylight is dirty, that message gets diluted, and the light doesn't shine as strong. Remember to clean that skylight so you can continue to shine and share your Blueprint.

Your natural state of being is to shine. To give to others. Yet you must keep that window clean in order to function at your optimum. It's not selfish, it's profoundly selfless. You've got to wipe away the muck so that you can step out of your shell and into yourself. (And that self, by the way, is something you shouldn't have to think about or worry over.)

THAT is how you expand your sense of self.

To hear more of my thoughts on the house and how to shine your light, check out my video below!


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