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Disrupting Your Industry, with Justin Schultz

Who says that "industry standard" has to be the industry standard?

Industry standards and best practices may seem like rules, but they are actually the opposite. These constraints are actually BEGGING to be innovated and renewed. And that's because these industry standards are actually a sign of a field settling into a rut.

When everything begins to look the same, it's TIME to innovate. That means changing up how things are done and breathing new life into your field.

Just think of the film industry--what happens when the movies being released are all the same? People get bored, and they crave something different! Playing into the trend is going to feel safe, because it's proven. But the person to step outside of the box and "dare greatly" is going to make waves. And people pay attention to those waves.

My guest this week, Justin Schultz, is making waves in HIS industry. He is a game designer, and he saw the way certain games were being made and's time for a change! Learn more about his journey below!

(And, play his game while you're at it!)


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