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Developing the Confidence to Live Your Blueprint, with Mike Brevik

The reason it's difficult to LIVE your Blueprint isn't for the reasons you'd think. Being different, and being yourself, isn't what makes it hard. In fact, that's what makes it so EASY. Because it is divinely and naturally YOU.

The real reason it's so difficult, most times, is because we've been living the way others expect us to for so long, that the journey doesn't start with a step in the right direction. It starts with a LEAP of faith. And that leap means trusting in yourself and your higher power to know that you're not going to hit the ground.

Let's face can be comfortable to stay where you are, even if it's draining you. Because in that sense of "normal," you know what each day will look like. You know where your next paycheck is coming from. You can predict that your life will be as it has been. And that's okay...until it's not. If what you're doing isn't energizing you, and making you feel alive, it doesn't matter how comfortable your job is. You're going to burn out!

So how do you take that leap? How do you trust the process—trust yourself and your higher power—that things will work out? To answer those questions from firsthand experience, I'm talking with Mike Brevik, who took his very own entrepreneurial leap to pursue his Purpose.


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