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Sharing Your Message, with Danielle Avery

You have the perfect community waiting for you. It may be different than you imagine it, but it is designed to support people who need to hear your message.... your people are waiting for you!

You weren't created by accident. You are here for a specific purpose, be it to uplift, inspire, relate, teach, or any other reason. When you aren't doing the thing you're meant to do, it can feel draining, and like you're struggling to keep your head above water.

But you don't have to feel that way.

Once you recognize your true potential, and learn of the potential you're meant for, amazing things start to unfold. Your career may start to take off, opportunities open up to you, and people are drawn to what you have to say. There is power in self-knowledge, so what are you waiting for?

Today, Danielle Avery joins me to talk about how her own self-research has opened up tremendous opportunities for her. Check it out!

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