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Are You An Experimental Learner?

Are you willing to learn and experiment with new things if you're naturally drawn to them? Do you learn best by DOING? Are you more likely to absorb information in the moment, when you're totally "present"?

Then you may be an experimental learner.

Experimental learners, like myself, thrive when in action. However, it's easy to fall into the trap of feeling guilty when you're an experimental learner. You may find that you're spending your time in the "wrong" places by other people's standards. You may even be more likely to spend money on new ventures and projects, and feel guilty if they don't pan out.

The reality is that for experimental learners, you MUST have the freedom to try things, even if you fail at them. Because the brilliant thing about those who learn by experimentation is that they ALWAYS learn something. And this information is so valuable.

If you're an experimental learner, own that! Find confidence in knowing that you learn best in action and learn to take that action. And if you're feeling guilt, experiment with parameters for yourself that help you manage your life in the most authentic way possible: by trying and adjusting as you go.

For more advice from one experimental learner to another, check out my video below.



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