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Are People Hearing Your Message?

We all want to feel seen. To feel deeply understood. So how do we find those people who understand us—these "ideal" people with whom we can create synergy?

The answer, I think, is twofold. The first step is allowing yourself to be seen, and believing in your worthiness. You are unique. You're here with a purpose, and ALL the tools needed to fulfill that purpose. Once you know and believe that, you make space to be vulnerable in the best way possible. Vulnerable, because you have to let go of your carefully crafted facade. You must embrace yourself; and that can take major courage.

And the second piece needed to be deeply understood is self-research. Sometimes, we can be an enigma even to ourselves! And at the core of the Blueprint Process, you're striving for deeper self-understanding. The more time you spend identifying yourself, the more you'll attract people who want to do the same—to know you. This clarity of purpose will attract them effortlessly, and these people will see you.

We all deserve to be deeply understood, and the journey starts within each of us. Not everyone is meant for you, and that is more than's GOOD.

For some extra guidance on how to go about your personal messaging, watch the video below. You're going to make such a HUGE impact, and I'm here cheering you on!


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