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A Proper Place for Everything

Is the world really as random as it seems? Or is there more, perhaps, than meets the eye?

In my experience, all the random events in my life turned out to have a purpose, after all. What I didn't know then, that I know now, is that those moments were expressions of my Blueprint. The way I solved problems, the activities I gravitated towards, and the things that gave me energy.

The way my life played out wasn't random at all--it was the natural progression and unfoldment of my Blueprint. And as I've talked to other clients, the consensus has been similar. They look back on the events of their lives and realize that everything did have its proper place in the course of their journey.

If you're at a point in your life where you feel as though things aren't making sense to you---or you're not where you want to be---pause. Be willing to look inwards, to do self-research. This is where you find answers. Because within you, there are probably little hints as to why you gravitate towards certain paths or people or circumstances. And once you can start pointing out these skills and values, you can begin crafting your life in a more meaningful way.

You can begin to turn your gifts into your Purpose. (Your Purpose, mind you, is always there. It takes time and work, however, to cultivate your Blueprint in a way that allows you to live your Purpose.)

Everything you need to understand yourself and your life is within you.

For more thoughts on the topic---listen to my latest podcast episode with my nephew, Robby Butler. He talks about connecting the pieces of his life, and how his guiding principles have helped him navigate.

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