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A Better Way to Market

Do marketing and sales make you feel icky?

You're probably in good company, then. In my work with entrepreneurs and business owners, what I've realized is that most of them dislike feeling too sales-y. Entrepreneurs want to be authentic and make good connections, yet marketing is part of the "hustle."

That's why I've spent time rethinking how we approach marketing. I call it "peanut butter and jam marketing."

Have you ever watched a commercial that stuck with you? Not because of the product or the brand, but because of the underlying message? THAT is the power of peanut butter and jam marketing.

See, peanut butter is the product-related stuff. It's what you do or what you sell, and it's an important component of the whole "sandwich." But alone, the sandwich can be hard to swallow, and even a little bland. That's why you need the jam. The jam sweetens up your message and makes a lasting impression.

The "jam" is the authentic storytelling at the center of what you do. It's about shining your light, and it has everything to do with your values, interests, and Blueprint.

When you include jam in your marketing, you open up and allow potential customers to see who you are. And that's what's going to draw them in.


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