Shame, failure and regret - it's an Entrepreneurial Cycle we'd just as soon forget, but it keeps coming around everytime we compare where we are with where we thought we'd be, or where we are versus others in our same industry.


How does an Entrepreneur break this cycle? Part of the reason we get trapped in this cycle is because: we don't know what we're good at, and so we don't build our business around that. When we build our business around anything other than what we're good at, we get distracted, waylaid and pushed around by our customers and the market.


So, in order to break this cycle, the Entrepreneur needs to find his or her Blueprint - the things they're good at, and rebuild their business to showcase those things. Not only will this fill the Entrepreneur with a sense of confidence and direction, it will also attract the clients that naturally want what he or she has to offer. It creates the greatest synergy in the world.


The Blueprint Process not only helps you identify your Blueprint and rebuild your business around it, Tammi also helps you draw your ideal Community. Once you've graduated from the Blueprint Process, you can join Tamm's Misfit Community, which is full of Entrepreneurs just like you, who are working to draw their Communities and change the world.

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