This is not a sales call. My objective during this call is to get you one step closer to identifying your impact. If by the end of our hour together, you feel the Blueprint Process is a "Right Fit" for you, then I will help you decide which option below will serve you the best.

The Guided Course


Choosing the Guided version of the Blueprint Process is like working with a trainer when going to the gym. Sure, you could work out on your own, but would you be doing the best exercises for your body and your goal? Only a trained professional can help you achieve your goals in a way that fits you. During this course, we meet 1 hour per week, so that I can get to know you super well and identify the specifics of your Blueprint. Once we identify your Blueprint, we see what can be changed in your life right now, to give it full expression. Then, we use your Blueprint to ascertain what your next direction should be to achieve maximum impact.



Coming Soon:

"You Were Custom-Designed for Impact."

This book is about unearthing the impact you were born to make! 

Self Study Lite


An exercise in locating your areas of impact. This is for those who want a glimpse at what it would be like to work with me, and a better understanding of the philosophy behind the Blueprint Process. It includes 1 hour of video instruction, with a worksheet designed for impact.

Self Study Heavy


Unlock your impact with self-study heavy. This course offers the same tools for discovering your impact, with the comfort of working at your own pace. If you decide to work with me later, I'm happy to credit you for the cost of this course. It includes 4 hours of video instruction, with the workbook from the Guided Course.

I have references available from the following industries:
  • Music

  • Medical

  • Financial

  • Banking

  • Real Estate

  • Insurance

  • Military

  • Police

  • IT

  • Veterinary

  • Restaurant

  • Medical

  • Legal

  • Accounting

  • Health/Wellness

  • Radio

  • Airline

  • Teaching

  • Coach

  • Construction

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