You Have no Weaknesses, only a Zone

The problem: we believe we’re meant to be everything to everyone, so we learn new skills to fulfill that requirement.

The solution: we should specialize, by identifying our “zone” and using only those tools that are inherent to that zone.

Blueprint Philosophy: we each have a “lane” or a zone that we’re built to pursue, and so have all the tools necessary to pursue this zone. When we try to improve our “weaknesses,” we are wasting time in a lane in which we are devoid of natural skill, and so we flounder, lose effectiveness, direction and confidence.

You have plenty of value in your lane! Your time should be spent fulfilling that potential. Going outside your lane wastes your inherent skill.

Imagine a baseball player trying to be good at pitching, catching, 1st base and left field. How could he or she ever get really good at the 1 position that uses their inherent skill?

Here are some temptations to watch for that pull us out of our zone:

Others expectations

A desire to be helpful

The belief that more money can be made elsewhere

A lack of knowledge of your zone

That last one is the item I like to focus on the most. If you’re willing to study your zone until you find it, then you’ll be motivated to protect it.

Action tip to help you study your zone:

Grab an 8 ½ x 11 sheet of paper and pen/pencil

Create two, vertical columns

Label 1 column, “Zone” and the other, “Not my Zone”

Over the course of 10 days, record every activity that makes you feel confident and engaged in the “Zone” column

In the “Not my Zone” column, record every activity that feels herky-jerky, loses confidence and effectiveness

This is the time to enlist some free help from me. Together, we can derive a list of inherent skills from your “Zone” column (I may even have some ideas as to how to help you get rid of the “Not my Zone” column! We can do all this in an hour. Text 541-501-7020 with “I want some help getting into my zone!” I will send you my calendar link, and away we’ll go!

Remember Aristotle’s words: “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” When you take some time to know your zone, you’ll be motivated to stay within it, and when you do, you create the ultimate win/win: you love giving your value, and you attract those who love the value you inherently bring. Just imagine if we were all to live this way! Purpose + Passion = Problem Solved!

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