Why the Hero Inside is Hidden

John Henry

John Henry was said to have won a race against a steam-powered hammer by hand to win back the land that had been promised him and others for building a railroad. Sadly, Henry died as a result of his exertion. Without his sacrifice however, his wife and many others would not have been able to claim that land as their own.

This story depicts the reason why so many of us never see and use the hero inside of us: the challenge is too great, the odds are against us or the slim margin of success demands too much risk and too much sacrifice.

The point I want to emphasize, however is right there at the end - the # of people who benefited from John Henry's effort and sacrifice. We're so lucky! Most of us can be heroes without having to make the ultimate sacrifice of life! We can impact hundreds, if not thousands of people...for the better, if only we would step up and swing our hammers.

Here's why I think we don't - we're too focused on ourselves. We're too selfish. If you think about all the worries that hold you back from accepting that challenge, or taking on that risk, they're all self-centered: "I don't have enough money or education," "I don't have the capability," "I'm too old/too young/too tired," "I might lose my job," "What if I don't make enough money?" The list goes on, but you get the picture, right? Every single one of those comments is self-focused.

Henry definitely gained from his efforts, but I don't think that's what caused him to pick up his hammer and keep it going for a day and a half, as the story goes! In fact, it sounds like it was based on principle - he was outraged at the thought of a machine replacing people's jobs. Sounds like a worthy passion, doesn't it? He fought for what he believed in, instead of his own personal gain.

When was the last time you fought or sacrificed for something greater than yourself? THAT is why you have not seen and have not used the hero within...but it's still there, and there is still time!

There are many ways to become a hero - all you need is a message and a group of people that will benefit from your message.

In my process, the Blueprint Process, there is an activity we do called the Bullhorn Message. It consists of 2 fairly simple questions, and I suggest that if you want to become the hero in your own life, sit down right now and carve out time in your schedule this week to answer them - at least 30 minutes, to start.

Here are the two questions to the Bullhorn Message activity:

1) If you had access to a bullhorn that would reach 1 million people for 1 minute, what would your message be?

2) What type of people would not only hear your message, but then turn around and do something with it?

I had a client tell me that he wanted to "Talk to hundreds, to reach thousands." This activity follows that pattern somewhat. It's like the ripple effect - because you say something, what is your audience then inspired to do that you can't? It's a simple matter, being a hero - the hardest part is to act on it. The first step could be right here in this article, if you have the guts:

Thanks, all for playing along with me. If you want some help with your Bullhorn Message, I offer my free online document and a free hour conversation to go with it.

All you need to do is schedule yourself here: https://calendly.com/blueprintprocess/blueprint-process-consult

Thanks and have an awesome, hero-filled day!