Why Goal-Setting Methods Fail to Accomplish their Goal

Alright, we better get on the same page here, before you waste any more time reading this article...what would you say is the objective of setting goals? Would you say it is to improve yourself? Or would you say it is to accomplish more? Regardless of your answer, my guess is you realize the fact that some goal setting falls short of an actual goal, and becomes more of a "to do" list...I mean, if you KNOW you can achieve it, is it really a goal?

My opinion is that goals should STRETCH us beyond what we currently think is possible, so when we set a goal it should intimidate us, or one could argue that it is NOT a goal...it's just a to do list.

So if you agree with me on the objective of goal-setting, then we can move on to why typical goal-setting strategies fail! If you don't agree with me, then...here's the door! (:

One method of setting goals (which fails) is to base it on what you've accomplished before. But what if the list of stuff you've accomplished before is chump change compared to what you're capable of. Boom! Goal-setting strategy fail!

In this method, you're setting yourself a really nice to do list, nothing more.

Another method of setting goals (which phenomenally fails) is to base it on what others have done in your industry, but how is that fair to you?? How could a goal that worked for someone else with totally different skills, passions and values work for you??

In this method, you're most likely challenging yourself but too much! You're asking yourself to be something you're not.

So here's my method...are ya ready? (And please, feel free to tell me why mine fails!) The reason my client called me crazy the other day is because after 5 hours of studying his "Blueprint," his skills, values, passions and purpose, I saw something he could do with his genius set of skills that he has 1) never conceived of as possible for him and 2) never heard of anyone else doing!

Doesn't THAT sound like a proper goal to you?! It's perfect because it's based on HIS chops - and I proved it to him by pointing out the skills, etc. he has to make this work. He's excited by it because it also includes his passions, which means he has a higher chance of sticking with it even when stuff gets tough, as we all know it will!

So that's why typical goal setting methods fail at their goal, and that's my way of solving the problem. Set goals for yourselves that go way beyond what you thought possible, by identifying your Blueprint and projecting out by asking yourself, "What could I do with these??"

Oh...and if you want some objective and trained help, you know where to find me!

Thank you!


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