Why are You Here?

Career without purpose is a waste of your time. It's as if there's a growing hole inside you that cannot be filled. I know; I've been there; let me help you find a way out.

In last week's blog, we talked about the way to set career goals that use benchmarks to next-step you out of career drudgery into career fulfillment. Awesome!

However, before you go there, I'd like to address the real issue: your life isn't supposed to be about a career that satisfies you, makes you money and provides you with great benefits. Rather, your life is about living your purpose: the reason why you've been placed here.

Didn't you know?! You're not just a flesh-bag! You're here because you've been custom-designed to fulfill a purpose that only you can fill! You've been given the tools and desire to go along with it, so you have the best chance of success possible!

When I was designing the Blueprint Process during the summer of 2008, I ran across a rare fortune cookie that actually had an awesome message! It was the Chinese proverb that states, "The day you were born, a problem was solved." How about that? Did you know that? Do you have ANY idea what that problem is that you're meant to solve? That is your Purpose.

The Blueprint Process researches your purpose and helps you apply it to your work, to transform your work from mediocre to awesome, because...if you're here to solve a problem...and you're NOT solving that problem, your work is gonna suck just to try to motivate you to move into a career that DOES solve that problem! Let's face it, without pain, we'll stay in a cesspool forever, if it's comfy.

I have a favorite way of helping people quickly arrive at their purpose (if they don't have time to do all the research with me). Here goes:

Imagine you have a bullhorn that can reach 1 million people, but you only have this bullhorn for 1 minute. What message would you choose to leave with those 1 million people? It probably wouldn't be about your career, but something larger, with greater impact....something that approximates your purpose. Now determine who needs to be in that audience. Granted, probably everyone needs to hear your message, but that's not what we're after. We need to identify who will do something with your message. What type of person will actually take notes, and then turn around and make an impact on their own lives with that message, and/or make an impact on the lives of those around them with your message? Perhaps they have their own 1 million people to share your message with! In this way, you can directly and indirectly help millions. Wouldn't that be cool? Would that make you feel as if your life was on purpose?

Keep in mind that the sooner you get on message with your life, the sooner that hole will be filled. You'll be energized again. You'll be nice to your family again. You'll start taking better care of yourself, and you'll find that it's not such a drag to come home from vacations and weekends. I look forward to this occurrence in your life!

Don't forget...once you get on message, those who need to hear your message will also be thrilled, for they are the ones who have the problem that you're meant to solve. Get on it!