Where do you Find your Greatest Value?

The Lie: We’re raised to believe that we were born a blank slate, and so we require the help of our teachers, parents, etc. to give us our value.

The Truth: We were born with a ton of inherent value. The slate is fully written.

The Problem: If you believe the lie that you were born a blank slate, then you rely on those around you to tell you your value. Others thoughts about your value might be incorrect, and so cause your life path to go astray from its true purpose.

The Solution: Instead of learning from others what your value is, study your value.

Action Tip: I recommend a few self-study questions about your childhood, which includes memories from as far back as you can remember, through high school:

When you had free time as a child, how did you spend it?

What differences did you notice between yourself and your siblings or close friends?

Try to come up with 3 things for each question. Then the question I ask next is: How can you use these items in your career today?

For example:

Self-study: I had a client who told me that as a kid when he had free time, he would build jumps for his bike in his backyard. He would push himself to make more creative or more difficult jumps each time.

Career Application: We looked for ways that he could push himself creatively in his work. We also looked for areas where he wasn’t allowing himself to take risks, because he was clearly good at taking risks as a child.

Self-study: I had a client tell me that he was different from others in his class, because he was labeled the “class clown” and often sent to the Principal’s office, or to sit in the corner until he learned to control his behavior. This is a perfect example of how others assessment of your value can cause your life path to go astray: his teachers assessed his value as a “bad” thing, which caused him to keep his humor out of business, once he became an adult.

Application: It turns out that this guy loves to make people laugh; he really enjoys turning people’s day around with a well-crafted joke. As an adult, he has restricted this particular value to the part of his life that is not his business, because of what he learned as a kid.

When we started experimenting with humor in his business, he recognized that by bringing it into his sales process, he attracted his ideal client– those who didn’t take themselves too seriously and enjoyed having fun. This simple step enlivened his business, so he enjoys it more, is working with better clients and creating more value because of it!

These are just a few samples of how you can learn what’s been written on your slate from the get-go and transfer it into value-producing efforts at work (I have TONS more!).

Once you do this self-study, and you’ve come up with 3 answers for each question, I offer a free call with me to help you transfer those 6 things into your work right now! Call or text me at 541-501-7020 or email me at: tammi@blueprintprocess.com.



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