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What To Do With An Idea, with Kim Butler (Pt. 1)

Recently, my sister Kim Butler and I received a wonderful gift from a family friend. That gift included three children's books that we decided must be shared with our communities. These special children's books aren't very long, but they're packed with an incredible wisdom that we believe can speak to anyone with an Entrepreneurial spirit.

The first book we're talking about is What Do You Do With An Idea? by Kobi Yamada.

Here are our favorite takeaways from this short and sweet book!

1. New Ideas May Seem Fragile

The book begins with the author sharing how he felt when he had an idea that felt "strange and fragile," and he didn't know what to do with that idea. And how often do we have new ideas that can seem almost so fragile that they can be a bit intimidating?

And how much power is there in recognizing that just because your ideas are strange or fragile does not mean you cannot pursue them? Because a true idea cannot be destroyed, and that fragility may come from a place of self-doubt or an inability to yet see the Vision. Once you can unpack this, the delicate nature of your ideas can be an enormous opportunity for growth!

2. Right Ideas Don't Give Up on You

In the book, the little boy runs away from his idea because it scares him a little bit. Entrepreneurs are faced with momentous (and sometimes scary) ideas all the time! But as the little boy ran from the idea, the idea followed him, because it was meant for him and his Blueprint.

Does this mean that all ideas stick around? No, not always. But you know that when they do, you're the one meant to see them through!

3. Your Love for an Idea is Powerful

Another idea Yamada writes about in this book is that as his idea grew, so did his Love for the idea. And how incredible is that statement? Because when you nurture and love your idea, you know that you can trust the idea and that it has a proper place in your life.

For more thoughts on nurturing ideas, I encourage you to tune into my conversation with Kim below!


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