What to do When You're not Progressing in your Career

So, the story of the wild pig stuck inside a fence came to me from a client, and I've been grateful ever since, as it portrays the perfect analogy to help us overcome that confusing moment when our efforts are not yielding the expected results.

What's really frustrating is when we're applying the same tactics that have achieved progress in the past, and yet they refuse to work for us this time! Why is that?

Pursuing the answer to that question of "Why?" is the best suggestion I can give you. Embedded within that question is the hope that if you study the situation long enough, you might just find an answer, and then be able to achieve the progress you're hoping for. I bet that pig was asking herself the very same question, as she stared off into the distance, and I bet that's why she was able to find a way out!

The best place to start is in studying yourself! I had a client who was so frustrated by the lack of progress in his job, that he was considering switching industries, even though he'd already put in 10 years towards his success.

When he met me, he was struggling to get out of bed in the morning for his first appointments, he wasn't getting along with the team at work and his clientele was no longer inspiring him. Work had become pure drudgery.

By studying himself through the Blueprint Process, with me as his guide, he learned things about himself that suggested he change certain tactics at work to make it more enjoyable for him. He changed the layout of his office, he changed the way he dealt with the team, and he changed the clients he agreed to work with.

In a very short period of time, this gentleman who had previously groaned getting out of bed for work each day, was now saying that he was living the dream, and yet he had the same job!

Like the pig, he sat back on his haunches (so to speak), studied himself and realized there were some easy tweaks he could make that would cause his work to be more aligned with him, instead of the other way around - trying to make himself align with his work.

This is a simple solution, but it needs the necessary equipment: time, a guide and some serious self-study.

If you too are struggling with a stagnant career, consider studying yourself through the help of a professional to identify simple tweaks within the way you do your job to unlock your potential. Only then will progress happen.

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  • Music

  • Medical

  • Financial

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  • Real Estate

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  • Veterinary

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