Too Many Paths to Take? Here's how to Choose!

This creepy tree was just too good to pass up yesterday while kayaking. I knew I wanted to do a video about the overwhelming feeling that comes over us when we're faced with too many paths or projects to choose from in our career.

The solution is quite simple, really - we must study ourselves (our Blueprint) and choose based on it, instead of the typical things entrepreneurs use to make their decisions daily: how much will it cost, how much will I make, what does the market or my clients want or need?

These are very logical questions to ask, but without studying and using your Blueprint to determine your path, it's likely that the path will turn into a dead end.

What is a Blueprint?

We each have one: much like a blueprint for a building, it is what makes us unique: our skills, our passions, values and purpose. I study this in my clients for 6 months to get an accurate understanding of their Blueprint before we make any decisions on their career.

Why is a Blueprint necessary?

I believe it indicates what we're here to do. Much like you would study a vehicle to determine its uses, you should study yourself to learn what you're here to do. For example, a farmer wouldn't put a corvette in the field to plow, while taking his tractor to church! I suppose he could, but...not very effective.

How can I use my Blueprint to help me make decisions?

Your Blueprint is an indicator of where you'll be most effective and most successful. It contains a list of 100 assets you have to make your career successful. By studying it, you easily see which relationships should be fostered, which projects to take on and which to avoid like the plague.

For example, after studying my Blueprint, I learned I needed to be an entrepreneur instead of an employee, because these things were on my Blueprint: Independent, Out of the Box Thinking and Self-Disciplined.

What should I do next?

I encourage you to make a list of all the paths that are branching off your current "career tree." Instead of listing out the rational pros and cons of each choice, rank each branch on a scale of 0-5, 5 being most fulfilling and see if that coincides with logic. I'm asking you to rank it based on fulfillment, because when you're working within your Blueprint, you feel the most confident, secure and at ease. Work is effortless. Whereas, when you're working outside of your Blueprint, you feel like a tractor going to church, or a corvette plowing a field - out of place.

Have fun with this! Call me when you're done! I'd love to hear your results and your questions. You can schedule with me here.

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