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The Power of Seeing Only the Good

If you've lived on this Earth for any amount of time, you've probably experienced other people's opinions. That's just a matter of life. We all receive input from the people in our lives about how we should exist in and interact with the world.

The problem with this is that we ALL have different Blueprints. So some of the feedback you hear from others may cause you to have a skewed perspective of yourself and your abilities. For example, you may start to believe that your "superpowers" are actually negative qualities, simply because they are NOT a part of someone else's Blueprint.

This is where personal research is crucial. And filtering your life through a positive lens is a part of this process. For example, you may grow up feeling a sense of shame because you procrastinate, even if it always works out for you. When you do the deep Blueprint work, you MUST look at your habits without judgment, so you can truly see them for what they are. A trait you express may end up being a skill you can actually cultivate, and that procrastination may actually be the ability to think on your feet, work under pressure, and keep your cool.

Does this mean everything you do is perfect? NO. But this process allows you to look at your natural inclinations from an unbiased perspective. When you do this, you learn how to pull out all the good and express your natural self without shame. The byproduct of this is that over time you learn how to let go of the "harmful" qualities. But until you examine the GOOD in everything you do, you cannot get there.

Watch the video below for more thoughts on filtering your Blueprint through a positive lens!

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