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The Importance of Being Who You Are

It's not unusual for us to have different versions of ourselves. We have ways we behave with friends that may differ from how we behave with family, and we may have different personalities for work and sports, and more.

But somewhere in there is your TRUE self, your God-given design. And that's the version of you that deserves to shine all the time. Because what happens when you break yourself into little pieces is you have to juggle versions of yourself that are less-than-authentic. This is such a draining use of your energy.

You deserve to be your most authentic self at all times, and with all people. That way, regardless of the nature of your relationship, you are surrounded by people who support YOU. Not some falsified version of you. When you do this, not only do you plug up all those energy actually CREATE energy. And in the best cases scenario, you create synergy with other people who are being authentic, creating endless amounts of good.

Watch below to learn more about why you should strive for authenticity, and how.


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