The First Steps out of a Misfit Career

If you dread returning to work after a weekend or long vacation, then you’re in a Misfit Career. I know this, because I’ve been there, and I figured out a that a Misft Career is a big sign that you’re not on track to pursue your purpose. So, to turn a Misfit Career into a Bestfit Career, you must identify and pursue your purpose with your work.

I was on a cruise with my family in 2006. We were coming home after a seven-day trip. Typically, after a seven-day trip, I'd be ready to be home, because I love my life! But after this particular trip, I felt a huge resistance to just getting off that ship. This rather uncharacteristic feeling sparked an overwhelming desire in me to figure out why I was bored with my own life.

I know that there are millions of people in this world that agree to be bored with their lives, and I guess I have a grudging respect for their endurance. However, it’s disappointing to me too, because I know that each one of us has a purpose to fulfill, and when boredom sets in, it’s a good sign that we’re no longer on track to pursue our purpose, and a misfit career is the result!

People who agree to be bored are self-centered: they’re exchanging comfort for pursuing their purpose, and this is unconscionable! They’re ignoring their Creator who gave them a purpose for being here, and they’re ignoring the people they’re meant to serve with that purpose! But that’s not you, right? So, let me help you get onto your purpose, and away from this Misfit Career!

The first step for anyone in a misfit career is to investigate where the misfit lies: it’s usually in a variety of places, as it was with me. The best activity for this is to grab a sheet of paper, draw a vertical line down the middle of the page, and on one side put the heading, “Vampire” and the other side put, “Battery.” These 2 sides indicate how an activity at work makes you feel: either it’s an energy suck (a vampire), or its’ an energy boost (a battery).

The reason why identifying vampire activities and battery activities is helpful in your desire to get out of a misfit career, is because your energy level is an accurate measurement of when you’re using your purpose. When you’re not using it, you’re like a fish out of water, sucking air…is this an accurate depiction of how you feel at work? When you’re in your purpose, you’re like a kid in a candy shop – this is how a Bestfit Career feels.

After about a week of identifying which activities go in the Vampire and Battery columns, you can take this info to whomever is in charge of your job description (this may be you!). Often, bosses, managers, and the like are open to changing your job description, because it behooves them to get you into a job that you love.

Keep in mind the Chinese Proverb that states: “The day you were born, a problem was solved.” Let that motivate you to find your Bestfit Career. Until you do, you’ll remain unfulfilled, and those who need you will remain leaderless.

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