The Essential Gratitude Habit

This is a warm, happy Thanksgiving message to all my Blueprint Process people. I wanted to give you a gift in the spirit of Thanksgiving that will revolutionize your life! How do I know? It has revolutionized mine and many of my clients’ lives! The fact that you’re taking the time to read this suggests that you too might be up for a “revolution.”

This habit is an amalgamation that I created from two fantastic humans that have inspired me: May McCarthy, business woman and author of Path to Wealth: Seven Spiritual Steps for Financial Abundance, and Dan Sullivan, owner of Strategic Coach, an entrepreneurial coaching program at

We entrepreneurs take a lot of pride in “doing things ourselves.” Over time, I’ve realized that this approach is…ridiculous and ineffective. The gratitude approach is different. It suggests that we’re not alone, ever – we have a “Higher Power,” on whom we can rely. This power brings us good daily that we should be grateful for (thus, Part 1 of the habit), AND this power is so great, so intelligent, that we should look to it for help in challenging situations (thus, Part 2 of the habit).

As I have switched paradigms from “I can do this on my own,” to “I have a partner in God,” my results have increased exponentially, and my head is much more at peace. This is why I say the habit will “revolutionize your life.”

By the way, I do this habit at night, but in order to be effective, you should experiment with timing for you.

I will quickly list Part 1 and Part 2 of the habit below, and then explain in greater detail. As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me at 541-501-7020 (text is best) or

The Habit

Part 1: Gratitudes

  • Think of 4 things you are grateful for from today

  • Be super specific

  • Write them down

This is the first half of the Essential Gratitude Habit: expressing gratitude! This is not your run-of-the-mill gratitude, though!

First off, let me answer the inevitable question, “Why the number 4?” I got this number from May McCarthy’s book, Path to Wealth. I’ve adopted it because it’s a great target to shoot for! It’s not too high of a number to de-motivate me before I even start, and when inspired, I can always do more!

Now, about being specific…start by asking yourself, “What happened today that I’m grateful for?”

Let me give you an example: previously, if I were asked, “What are you grateful for?” I might have answered, “my family.” This is a very general and common response, and it’s not bad, but…it could be better!

Specific is always better, so now I think back on my day to come up with an answer, because I know that will help my mind zero in on a specific, rather than a general gratitude. As an example, my sons and I just visited my sister and her family for Thanksgiving. We had a really long day of travel. We had a great time, despite the lengthy day. My boys got along super well, and we had some great conversations. I could’ve used my entire allowance of 4 gratitudes just on them:

  1. Thank you (Higher Power) for showing my sons how to have fun together, despite differences.

  2. Thank you for guiding me on how to be a good mom.

  3. Thank you for inspiring all of us to pursue your purpose for us in our careers.

  4. Thank you for building the boys with positive mindsets and good ethics.

It might have been easier to just say that I’m grateful for my family, but it wouldn’t have elicited nearly the strength of “gratitude emotion” that this list has.

It’s the emotion that one elicits while doing a daily gratitude habit that makes the habit effective. With emotion comes belief, which turns into proof, which increases faith. This cycle continues, ever increasing your faith and your results, as long as you’re doing this habit!

Writing down your gratitudes contributes to your emotion and the effectiveness of this habit. Neurologists have studied the brain and determined that we only have room for 4-7 things at a time, so it’s possible to miss key aspects of your gratitude, if you try to merely think or say them! By taking the time to write them down, you’re more likely to cover every detail, thus eliciting more emotion and more effectiveness. You’re also more likely to remember them the following day when things inevitably get dicey.

Part 2: Proactive Gratitudes

  • Identify 4 “problem areas” in your life and write them down

  • Acknowledge your Higher Power’s partnering with you in solving these challenges

  • Thank your Higher Power for the solution you KNOW to be true, and write your proactive gratitude statement down, crossing out the “problem area”!

Proactive gratitudes are the most effective way I’ve discovered in bringing about positive results in my life.

You may have way more than 4 “problem areas” in your life, but I encourage you to only choose 4 (any more can be daunting and reduce your results).

Immediately acknowledge that your Higher Power is partnering with you right now to create and deliver solutions to these challenges.

Write out a statement of thanks for whatever solution your Higher Power is working out for you, in this very moment! The power behind this!!! This is where the emotion should come from – the thought that you have this all-powerful entity working on YOUR behalf is both humbling and relieving. You should feel a huge sense of pressure lift off your shoulders, as you write this down!

As an example, a client of mine was facing a HUGE deficit with one of his company’s projects. He needed to come up with extreme amounts of cash in a very short period of time. Of course, as his brain focused on what he could do personally to get this problem solved, it wasn’t happening quickly enough!

So he turned to his Higher Power, entrusting it to lead him to the right solutions. Immediately, he felt relief. How could he not? Switching your paradigm from “I’m alone” to “Me and my Higher Power can do this!” is extremely relieving.

Using this method, his mind cleared so that his Higher Power was able to give him clear direction for the solution. He was able to find the amount of cash necessary, in plenty of time…with much less work!

A word of caution: do not allow yourself to tell your Higher Power how you think the problem should be solved! This eliminates your results! The whole point of partnering is to listen to a mind that is more intelligent than your own.

I hope this has inspired you to create a daily habit of your own that consistently “calls forth” the emotion of gratitude in your mind and heart, not only for things you’ve received, but also for solutions to “problem areas” of your life!

Thank you for being willing to step out of your comfort zone, and do something that maybe nobody else around you is doing. Please let me help. Remember: text 541-501-7020 or email

Have a fantastic Thanksgiving every day.

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