The 3 Reasons why "Navigating"​ your Career Path is better than "Planning"​ it!

What is the difference, you may be asking, between navigating and planning my career path? Well, let me tell you! I believe that when we "navigate" your career path, we're identifying your objective, while allowing room for external influences that may cause variations in the most direct route to that objective. If we "plan" your career path, conversely, we are outlining ahead of time specific steps that we will follow, come hell or high water, to get to your objective, which is also set in stone. Do you see why I prefer to "navigate" your career path? If not, see below...

Here are my 3 reasons for preferring to navigate vs. plan career paths:

  1. First of all, when we choose to plan our career path, we waste a lot of time trying to nail down particulars in the future that we have no way of knowing! Think about other plans that you've made, and ask yourself if they worked out exactly as you had hoped. My guess is that your plans have rarely followed the exact steps you had planned, which means all that creative energy was wasted on trying to predict the future, cause who can?! Conversely, when we "navigate," we identify your career objective and then the first step. We let our course be defined as we go - like we did as kids crossing a stream by jumping from rock to rock!

  2. In planning, we have to use our imagination, right? Because again, no one knows the as you imagine, do you tend to imagine the positive or the negative? Right, typically - unless we're super strong, mentally, we imagine the negative. The last thing we want to do, as we're either planning or navigating your career path, is to focus on the negative possibilities along your route! If you do that, you might never leave the dock! Think about those dudes in the picture above - if they thought about the storms they may encounter, or enemy ships with larger arsenal or faster engines, they might stay snug in their bunks instead of venturing forth. This is the #1 reason why most people NEVER pursue their career dreams. Conversely, when we "navigate" your career path, we're staying focused on the OBJECTIVE - the possibility, instead of all that could go wrong along the path. This choice of focus pulls us over the inevitable hiccups along our way, without having to risk loss of motivation by focusing on them.

  3. Finally, when we plan our career path, aren't we setting ourselves up for failure? Once again, planning suggests we can see the future, which of course we cannot! All we know is where we want to go, so all we can really do is "plan" one step at a time, just like the dudes in the picture. They chart a course, and then constantly check their objective, making sure they're still on track. But if they created a plan with specific steps, they would feel obligated to follow it! If they didn't follow it, because of some unexpected influence, then they might feel like they had "failed" their plan, when really...their plan failed them.

I know I said I'd only give you 3 reasons against "planning," but I must include a 4th...when you plan, you close yourself off to that necessary ingredient to ALL success...and that is instinct, which only comes in the moment. Instinct doesn't help you to plan, rather it helps you sid-step, juke and recover as the unexpected inevitably arrives.

So give yourself the best chance of success by NOT planning. Have faith enough in yourself AND in your Higher Power by: 1) Identifying your career objective, 2) Identifying the best "first" step - usually it's research, and then 3) Taking that first step, with a keen eye for the 2nd step, for every step you take will show you the next step, so before you know it you will have "arrived" at your objective just in time to set your next one.

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