The 3 Benefits of Using Purpose in your Career

I spent the first 15 years of my adult life in careers that didn't use my purpose, and now I have spent the last 10 years of my adult life in a career that does. The difference is like the view at the bottom of the mountain, vs. the view at the top of the mountain. It's always worth going to the top!

Just like a trek up the mountain isn't easy, starting to use your purpose in your work isn't easy either. It's a scary transition, because very few people are doing it so you won't have others to watch to learn how they're using their purpose in their work, or to be encouraged in using your own.

The benefits are amazing though - again, I'm saying this not only from my experience but from the experiences of my clients: you achieve confidence, you outperform your past results and you change the trajectory of your career.

Let me explain each of these benefits. How do you gain confidence when using your purpose in your work? This is an easy one. When you're working in your purpose, you're working in your "zone." Your work becomes effortless, and you no longer need the accolades of others because it's so obvious to you that you're giving great value.

I had a client who had lost such confidence in himself due to poor performance in his career, that he almost quit. After discovering and using his purpose in his career, through the Blueprint Process, however he became re-enthused about his work and his abilities. By using his purpose consistently, he stayed in his "zone" and consequently achieved much higher results, which of course boosted his confidence even more.

How do you outperform your past results by using your purpose? When you use your purpose, you use the best you have to offer (see my past video on youtube about the creepy tree). When you're working outside of your purpose, you are using fewer of your tools, and so the results are going to be lackluster.

I had a client who after discovering his purpose through the Blueprint Process, outperformed not only his past results, but he also outperformed others and consequently won a work-sponsored trip that he hadn't won for 3 years!

How do you change the trajectory of your career by using your purpose in your work? Your purpose suggests you are more than what you've currently attained. It suggests, in fact that your potential is limitless. This has an amazing impact on my clients. They go from assuming they can only go so far with their work, but when they learn their purpose, all glass ceilings are blown apart and their trajectory sky rockets!

For example, I had a client who had a goal for maybe hiring 1 part-time assistant and staying relatively small. He now has 1 full-time assistant, and is getting ready to hire again! Understanding his purpose lead him to believe that there is so much more work for him to do than he ever thought possible, so obviously he needs a bigger team to support these goals.

I'm telling you that finding your purpose is the only way to truly finding success in your career. These benefits mentioned are only some of the ones that my clients and I have experienced.

Feel free to reach out to me here to schedule a free appointment with me, where I can share in greater detail what purpose can do for you.

Thank you!


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