The #1 Way to Gain Conviction in Yourself and in Your Path

I know what it's like to doubt. I've heard it described that doubt is very different from fear. Fear causes people to take action, where doubt causes people to freeze; become indecisive. What's worse than that?

Martin Luther King says that "We don't have to see the whole staircase to take the first step," and yet in our predictable world we doubt any step that doesn't lead to a clearly foreseen path. How silly is this?

Even with the most research and the greatest planning, no path is what we expected it to be at the outset. So why do we make decisions about whether or not to pursue a path based on planning or predictable outcomes?!

The scariest thing to me is to think of all the paths I've avoided that could have lead me to greatness, all because it looked sketchy. Sheesh.

So here I am at the end of the South Jetty in Newport, OR, loving the path I am on. I avoided this particular path for a while because it looked like it would take me forever and a day to get out here, and who has that kind of time to play around on the rocks at the beach (excuse me while I perform another eye roll!).

Finally, remembering Martin Luther King's quote, I just started down the jetty one day. I didn't make it all the way out that first day, but I experienced enough to let me know two things: it was way cool and would be cooler out farther, and it was totally doable, time-wise.

So the next time I went to the coast, I just told myself I was going to get out to the end of the jetty that day. And what if I didn't? What if the tide was coming in, and the waves were crashing all the way across the jetty, making it unsafe? That's life! Why would I let that possibility stop me from at least attempting it?!

Funny thing, when I got out to the end (yes, I made it), there was a commercial muscle farmer out there (yes, they exist), and he informed me that the tide was going out right then - boon!

When I got out there, I saw...the ocean - there was NOTHING between me and it. It was exactly what I wanted. Plus, there was this cute little seal that kept swimming around and looking at me. Bottom line, I had the experience I was hoping for and then some!

One other thing I learned as I made that trek out there, is that the rocks get bigger as you go, creating more gaps between, where you can see the water rushing in below (you can hear that in my video). These gaps also caused yours truly to have to jump and climb; it was no easy stroll. It pushed my fear, and it pushed my limits.

In the gaming world you know that if you want to "level up" (or gain new capabilities) for your character, you have to put extra effort into the area in which you want to level up. For example, if you want a new "skin" for your weapon, you have to use that weapon a lot. If you want to open up a new area on the map, you have to find so many items in your current map, etc.

This is actually a great analogy to life! In order to gain conviction, we have to use what we have. Each new experience teaches us just how far we can go, how tough we are and what we can learn.

I just spoke with a small business owner this morning that has operated her company for 3 years. It's been a scary three years, and I can SO relate, and yet she has learned things in that time frame that she NEVER would have learned in a J-O-B. She has been pushed by the very circumstance that looked sketchy at the outset and many would never do! I congratulate her!

And I congratulate ALL of you who leap without looking, because if we look too closely, we'll never take a step and so consequently NEVER experience the good we are capable of...and sadly, the world won't either.

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