The #1 Step to Avoid Complacency

Complacency is rather popular, so the real challenge lies in going against the grain. You may strive to achieve your potential, but if those around you are complacent, you’re doomed. As Jim Rohn states, “You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with!”

Action item: Track the amount of time you spend with those closest to you, identifying the top 5, and then ask yourself if any of the 5 match you in their determination to seek their potential.

Those who strive to avoid complacency follow a simple rule that “Success is not where you are.” This rule propels them past the stupefying lull of comfort.

The #1 step to avoid complacency, beyond changing your top 5 relationships, is identifying a BHAG, a Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal that pulls you out of your comfort zone, away from those whom would hold you back and into your greatest potential.

Albert Einstein said that, “Your imagination is your preview of life’s coming attractions.” This is a fantastic way to identify your next BHAG.

Action item: what crazy, yet glorious idea has come to you recently that seems like it might be a preview for the future of your career? The best thing to do when you get one of these crazy ideas is to write it down!

Next, make sure that it has the most identifying feature of a good BHAG: it’s equal parts freaky and fascinating, meaning that your logic will tell you all the reasons why it’s ridiculous, while your heart will be pounding at the thought that you could actually achieve something so grand!

Let me give you some guidance as to how to overcome the freaky and focus on the fascinating:

Action item:

1. Set your BHAG first (I like to set mine 3-5 years out)

2. Then backtrack to the present moment, by setting:

a. Benchmark 2 at 1-2 years out

b. Benchmark 1 at 3-6 mos out

c. These benchmarks are what need to be accomplished within their time frame, in order to give you the best chance of success at achieving your BHAG.

I also suggest listing daily habits and weekly habits that will support your efforts, as you slog away from the bog of complacency, towards the horizon of your potential.

As always, direct any questions to or my cell: 541-501-7020.

Thank you!


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