Stop Playing it Safe in Your Career

We are the most adaptable beings on the planet, and yet we fear change. We also love overcoming the odds and taking risk.

How do we resolve this dichotomy in our daily lives? We flock to movies about heroes and football games where athletes defy the odds, but we stay safe in our careers.

Some bring risk into their lives in the form of hobbies or adventures, but those risks are selfish - they only benefit you. If you would only take similar risk in your career, you would be shocked by what you could do, and the value that you could create!

There is only so much joy one can get while experiencing the exhilaration of challenge and victory, risk and defeat through the eyes of another.

We are meant to achieve our potential, so life has a way of needling us until we do. I guarantee that if you're getting a message to make a change in your career, and you're not doing anything about it, the message will get more insistent until it takes on a physical effect of some sort.

Change in your career doesn't have to mean the whole thing, all at once! You could just take the first step, and the first step is ALWAYS research. Where is the risk in that?

Do some research today into that change that you're considering. Find out a little bit more information, and that info will lead you into the next step, and the next, and so on until you find yourself on the other side of that river, so glad that you made the leap.

I have references available from the following industries:
  • Music

  • Medical

  • Financial

  • Banking

  • Real Estate

  • Insurance

  • Military

  • Police

  • IT

  • Veterinary

  • Restaurant

  • Medical

  • Legal

  • Accounting

  • Health/Wellness

  • Radio

  • Airline

  • Teaching

  • Coach

  • Construction

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