How to Stand out in Your Industry

All of us have a ton of skills - way more than we use! However, when we want to stand out amongst our competition, the key is to identify natural skill.

As I point out in the video, natural skill trumps training and experience any day! When you're promoting yourself through blogs, podcasts and books, make sure that your natural skills come through!

I work with a Financial Advisor who does a weekly podcast. He focuses on using his natural skill, instead of trying to be the typical financial podcaster. During the show, he uses irreverent humor and crazy tangents to make his point and keep his audience engaged; consequently he really stands out in his industry!

The woman I referred to in the video who skipped the 3 day training is showing greater aptitude for her program, than those who went to the training. Training cannot compare to natural skill. This woman uses her natural skills of reading people and understanding how people need to be motivated, in order to excel. Her co-workers that attended the training have all the technical knowledge of the program, but not the natural skills to back it up and so are experiencing lackluster results from their training.

Can you imagine how this might affect your career goals? How often have you dismissed a particular dream or goal, because you thought you didn't have the necessary training or experience? I'm not saying those things aren't important; I am saying they are not better than natural skill.

If you are going to pay in both time and money for training, make sure that it fits your natural skill. Otherwise the training will be a waste of your time and money.

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