How to Overcome your Fears when Stepping out of your "Career Comfort Zone"

I was invited to speak at the Fall World Conference of SIOR, a Global Commercial Real Estate Association. It was a perfect example of stepping out of a "Career Comfort Zone." As I mentioned in the video, I was equal parts freaked out and fascinated. I was fascinated by the organization and the people there: perfect clients for me - professionals who are seeking their potential - AND I was freaked out! There were SO many people there, all highly successful individuals.

My little brain kept asking me who I thought I was to speak to these folks?! I had a fun time wrestling with those doubts, and it got me to thinking: What do I do to handle self-doubt in the face of a new and challenging opportunity?

I say it was "fun," but was a lot of hard work. Eckhart Tolle says that we should be the "watcher of our thinking;" whereas many people don't understand that there's a difference between themselves and their thoughts. You are NOT your thoughts, so you have to be careful which thoughts you entertain: are they helping you get to where you want to be? If you answered, "NO!" to that question, well then you know what to do with them. (I always tell my clients to act like they're standing at the door of their brain, with a baseball bat cocked and ready to knock those nasty, doubt-ridden thoughts outta the park!) I suggest you do the same.

So, as I was wrestling with and knocking negative thoughts away, I had to fill my brain with something, anything good! This was difficult, because self-doubt can establish quick roots in your brain and be VERY hard to eradicate.

But we're in luck! Neurologists have studied the mind and determined that we only have room for 4-7 things in our heads at one time! I knew then that if I could think of 4-7 positive things, I could effectively block out any negative thought, such as self-doubt! It's like your brain is a bed and breakfast with 4-7 rooms, and if you fill up all those rooms, well then - there's a "NO VACANCY" sign on the door for any approaching negative thoughts!

I went to work. The first thing I came up with is the value that I believed my talks would give to the attendees of the conference: encouragement, hope, guts and resolve. I was going to teach them how to find their own skills, passions, values and purpose so they could apply those things to their work, thereby making them more successful and happy in their careers.

As I thought about these things, I also started to feel a lot of love and respect for the attendees - even though I knew none of them, yet! All of these things started filling up the "rooms" in my head. Finally, I thought of how grateful I was to be given this opportunity - it's something I've wanted to do: gain large platforms from which to share my message, so I have a TON of gratitude to the organizers of the conference for letting me speak, not once, but TWICE!

Boom! All 7 spaces filled. Negativity was knocking at the door, but to no avail. I'm not going to tell you that I never let my guard slip throughout the rest of the conference...I did, but I always managed to get it back in place, thanks to this effort.

The only way you will get that new and exciting opportunity you're looking for, is if you actually wish for it to happen, and take the necessary steps to get it in place. BUT if you're fearful about falling flat on your face, you won't ever truly wish for it OR make it happen, so you have to effectively eliminate the fear FIRST.

Try my little trick and leave me a comment as to its effectiveness. I've used this many times myself. It has helped me knock down glass ceilings, barge out of my comfort zone and achieve things I never thought possible.

As my client says at the end of his email: "From the land of possibilities..."


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